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Integrated Drug Discovery Service
Chemistry service
Organic synthesis
Medicinal chemistry
Process chemistry R&D

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Zhejiang zhebang pharmaceutical and Shangyu zhebang chemical

Integrated Drug Discovery Service
Our experienced research teams can help achieve the following:
 Compound design and synthesis to improve potency and selectivity.
 Develop structure activity relationships (SAR).

Chemistry service
Organic synthesis
ZB CHEM provides the following types of discovery chemistry services

  • Custom Synthesis (> 95% purity, milligrams to kilograms scale) 
  • Designed compounds for SAR studies 
  • Reference compounds 
  • Building blocks & scaffolds 
  • Key and advanced intermediates 
  • Synthetic pathway design, evaluation and scouting

Medicinal chemistry
ZB CHEM provides the following types of discovery chemistry services

  • Active assessment Synthesis and confirmation of actives
  • Active-to-hit exploration
  • Novelty assessment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Lead optimization
  • SAR development

Process chemistry R&D

  • Route evaluation and development of new synthetic routes for target molecules.
  • Optimization of reaction conditions to reduce cost and maximize throughput
  • Development of reliable methods for in-process testing and analysis of intermediates and API’s.
  • Scale-up of existing routes in jacketed glass reactors (30-100 L) and fixed reactors (up to 1000 L capacity)
  • Performance of work under cryogenic conditions (-78 °C)
  • Assessment of critical process parameter
  • Development and transfer of analytical methods
  • Kilo lab / Pilot plant manufacturing APIs & Intermediates under GMP or cGMP.

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